VitalityMark™ supports you to Live with Vitality by becoming an active participant in your own wellbeing rather than simply a passive consumer of healthcare. It adopts a bespoke solution tailored to your identified gaps at that moment in time. Perhaps the most important question for you to answer right now is why engage with VitalityMark™?

Firstly  is a comprehensive self-assessment questionnaire giving you an overall vitality score as well as highlighting relative strengths in separate aspects of your vitality – emotion, physical, mind, spirit and connections. This VitalityMark™ score forms a benchmark – a new starting point for your journey towards optimum vitality.
Secondly, on the basis that what gets measured gets improved, your  score will identify the small sustainable improvements that can make a positive difference to your vitality over time. Perhaps your VitalityMark™ will identify that your physical exercise or sleep pattern is holding you back. Perhaps it’s your sense of purpose or time spent in nature. Whatever it is, everyone has gaps. This is the ‘intention gap’ – the gap between who and where you are right now in your life and a slightly better version of you.
Thirdly,  can support you in closing that ‘intention gap’ by offering targeted video and other content specific to your identified gap.
Fourthly your  is synergistic, not additive. Everything really is interconnected. This is because of that well-founded principle of interconnectivity which dates back to the TaoTeChing and highlighted so eloquently by Leonardo Da Vinci when he said: ‘Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.’ As an example of this principle of interconnection, take ‘gratitude.’ Cultivating feelings of gratitude and appreciation will not only strengthen your heart-brain connection and enhance your emotional vitality – it will benefit physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of your vitality as well.
Finally, living your life through the lens of  has many benefits. Think, feel, and act closer to your creative best. Express a better version of you in the world. Become more successful, (whether you define success by your accomplishments and achievements, relationships, creativity, or your health) by appreciating that every aspect of your vitality is interconnected.

As a diagnostic tool, VitalityMark™ offers a measure of your overall vitality at a given moment in time along with a personalised prescription which aims to further enhance your overall health and vitality. VitalityMark™ highlights how interconnected everything really is. What’s most important is that you get to know yourself well enough to understand what elements of the model work best for you to improve your health and vitality.