Career Growth Mindset

I will be speaking at the Agri Careers Expo in the Main Hall, RDS Dublin on Thursday February 14th. Ahead of this I did an interview for the Farmers Journal Irish Country Living Magazine. The following is the interview carried out by journalist Margaret Hawkins. Do you have a growth mindset when it comes to your […]

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) So what is it? (HIIT) or interval training is a type of aerobic exercise that involves alternating periods of regular intensity with short sharp bursts of  of high intensity whereby you go flat out for periods of perhaps 30 to 60 seconds duration. It can be done with many different types of exercise—including […]

Sleep Your Way To Better Health

Sleep your way to better health. With the clocks gone back an hour, it’s a timely reminder of the importance of quality sleep for rest, renewal and recharge. Ben Franklin once said ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’. Such words of wisdom! And yet in modern life many people […]

Lifestyle As Medicine

Lifestyle as Medicine. My hope is that the ideas and information I express here in this blog will support you in making  improvements to your health and overall wellbeing. I call it your ‘health IQ’, having the knowledge  and awareness to take action. It’s all about what you do or don’t do as the case […]

Mens Health in the Spotlight for Movember

Changing the Face of Men’s Health. November has become synonymous with ‘Movember’, an annual reminder of the critical importance of men’s health issues. Statistics show the average man spends fifteen years of his life suffering from a chronic health condition and dies about five years earlier than women. Growing a moustache for Movember aims to […]

A Kindred Spirit

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to California and participate in Stanford University’s Medical and Graduate Business Schools Program – ‘The Innovative Healthcare Leader…from Design Thinking to Personal Leadership.’ An insightful week of collaboration and shared learnings with health care leaders from all over the world. While there I had the pleasure to meet with […]

Inspiration for Inner Happiness

In today’s world where many people are exposed to negative noise and needless negativity, I believe cultivating purpose, and sense of fulfilment to be key ingredients for your inner happiness and overall wellbeing. The starting rather than the end point for creating a life of real success and vitality. This is backed up by a […]

Banish Insomnia With These Scientifically Proven Strategies

‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.’ – Benjamin Franklin Know Your Why. Understanding that quality sleep is so fundamental to how you feel and function on a daily basis is a great starting point to prioritise a great restorative sleep habit. As a medical doctor I often […]

Beat The Winter Blues

Winter Blues Maybe But Forget about Blue Monday!  Created  in 2005 by a holiday company trying to find new ways of selling winter breaks, ‘Blue Monday‘ is the third Monday of January, so chosen because of its distance from Christmas, traditional cold weather and general feelings of malaise that abound during the beginning of the […]

Rewire Your Brain for Change

Have you a new habit you’d like to build into your life? Some aspect of your lifestyle you’d like to change for the better? Imagine as you read this article it is one year from now. Chances are things will be pretty much the same for you as they are right now today. You are […]