Corporate Offering

What Dr. Rowe Can Do For Your Organisation.

Keynotes & Talks

Dr. Rowe can work with you to create a timely bespoke message for your people & organisation

  • Prescription For Inner Happiness.
  • Keys To Resilience – Psychological Capital.
  • Purpose – The Secret Sauce For Life Success.
  • Self-Care: Lifestyle As Medicine.
  • Optimum Vitality.
  • Habits & Willpower That Work.
  • Cultivating Environments That Flourish.
  • Why Wellbeing Works.


Dr. Rowe delivers captivating workshops on happiness, psychological fitness, purpose & overall vitality.

Online Wellbeing Course

Dr. Rowe has developed a suite of educational videos each accompanied by a short workbook to apply and deepen the learning.


Dr. Rowe can provide consultancy advice, diagnostic input & support strategies regarding optimisation & implementation of a workplace wellbeing program.

  • Lifestyle Medicine Consultation Be Well Suite Waterford Health Park (view brochure)
  • Lifestyle Medicine Program Be Well Suite Waterford Health Park.
  • Become The CEO Of Your Own Health: Bespoke One to One Life Coaching Work.