A complete guide to your Health, Wellbeing and happiness.

Comprising of eight, 20 minute bite-sized webinars are designed to be enjoyed individually, or deployed throughout your organisation giving you an health and wellness insights; perfect for lunch & learn sessions. Accompanied with a downloadable workbook that supports your user journey and learning experience.

Webinar series includes:

  • Effective Habit Formation – Change your life, Change your habits.
  • Happiness – the path to lifelong success
  • Psychological Fitness – mind over matter
  • Emotional Health  – mastering balance and positivity in your life
  • Dreams and Goals –  be the change you want to see
  • Physical Wellbeing – optimising your levels of energy and vitality
  • Purpose and Meaning – living a life of purpose, on purpose
  • Power of Giving – the contagion of kindness