Welcome to your own personal vitality audit. Work your way through these simple questions to build a picture of your overall wellness.





Try to answer the questions honestly and feel free to share the answers!

I focus on one thing at a time, avoid multitasking and am not distracted by email, texts or social media.
I seldom work late into the evenings or at weekends
I take a 'digital detox' day free from technology once a week
I bring my mobile to bed with me
I keep a written journal for strategic planning & reflection in which I write regularly
I know what my strengths are & spend time using them daily
I am creative & spend time reading & developing myself regularly
I rarely feel 'stressed' and irritable & find it easy at home to 'switch off' from work
I avoid reacting & firefighting where possible, instead choosing to respond to important priorities
I am resilient & choose to find growth & meaning from setbacks & adversity
I am forgiving of myself & others AND don't harbour grudges
I am accepting of those things I cannot change
I have a strong sense of belief in a higher power
I regularly spend some time in silence or solitude
I spend time in nature & experience feelings of awe & inspiration regularly
My values are important to me & are an important guide to my behaviours, time & energy
I have a regular meditation practice
I consciously slow down my breathing daily to focus on being more present
I have a strong sense of living my purpose in the world & this guides my decision making at work
I love what I do at work & know that I am making a positive difference in the lives of others at work or in the world
I express gratitude & appreciation regularly for all that I have
I am kind & compassionate to others & to myself
I have a love of learning new things & am curious about the world around me
I volunteer my time, or talents regularly in the service of others
I embrace simplicity
I smile often
I savour the good moments & my blessings/achievements on a day to day basis
I avoid needless negativity at work & in the media
I set goals consistent with my values
I regularly take part in those hobbies & activities that I really enjoy
I regularly get 7.5 - 8 hours sleep at night & rarely wake up feeling tired
I take a short power nap early afternoon or have another form of restorative recharge like an outdoor power walk built into my day
I get at least 150 minutes of moderately intense exercise (able to talk but not sing during it) each week or at least 75 minutes of intense exercise (can neither talk nor song during it) each week
I do at least 15 minutes of strength/resistance training at least twice a week & perform stretching/flexibility exercises at least twice a week
I move regularly throughout my day
I drink 8 glasses of water during my day
I eat a nutritious breakfast daily
I mainly eat a wide variety of plant based foods daily ( vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, spices, beans, peas, lentils, whole grains) AND try to eat a rainbow in fresh food colours each day
I rarely eat processed food (including processed meat, tinned or packet food), fried foods or takeaways
I rarely eat desserts, biscuits, cakes or other stodgy carbohydrates
My energy levels are high & I rarely feel tired or sluggish
My workstation & working environments have been properly ergonomically evaluated
I drink less than 14 alcoholic drinks a week & no more than 4 on any one occasion ( if I'm a man) or no more than 7 drinks a week & no more than 3 on any one occasion (if I'm a woman). (One alcoholic drink is defined here as a fifth of a bottle of wine or six tenths of a pint of beer or one standard I measure eightieth proof measure of spirits)
I am an advocate for health & wellbeing programs at my workplace
I know my personal & family medical history & avail of appropriate screening programs & checkups
I value my health & take appropriate action if I have medical symptoms
I spend enough quality time with my family & people I care about
I make time for my friends & have enough people around me that strengthen & support me
I never isolate myself at work from my team, especially when I'm under pressure
I invest effort & energy into work relationships

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