Dr. Mark Rowe at the Pendulum Summit. Image © Conor McCabe

What can Dr. Mark Rowe do for your organisation or business?

Dr. Mark Rowe has developed a unique ‘Prescription for Happiness’ that has been capturing audiences both in Ireland and abroad.

Evidence-based positive psychology is a relatively new field of psychology that looks at what’s right with people rather than what’s wrong and how we can bring more meaning, happiness and wellbeing into the lives of individuals, families, work colleagues, organisations and communities.

Research has shown conclusively that the amount and ratio of positive to negative feedback and engagement (the happiness of your organisation) leads to success and fuels high performance, achievement and a real competitive edge for individuals, teams & organisations.

It really does matter in terms of your long term success; be that in terms of staff satisfaction, employee turnover, and bottom line profitability. More importantly, the degree of positivity of the leaders and leadership teams is highly contagious for the wellbeing of your organisation.


Keynote Topics Include:

  • A Prescription for Happiness.
  • Psychological Fitness – Building a Mindset for Success.
  • The Power of Habit.
  • Mindfulness at Work.
  • Creating an Epic Life by Epigenetic Design.
  • The DNA of Awesome.
  • ‘Let Food be Thy Medicine and Medicine and Medicine Thy Food’ – new paradigms in wellbeing.
  • A Blueprint for Biochemical Brilliance – Building the Golden Egg of Great Physical Health.
  • Legacy – Living a Life of Purpose.
  • Men’s Health – Mission Impossible to New Frontiers.
  • Generative Space – Designing Environments to Transform your Wellbeing.
  • Creating A Place to Flourish.
"Legacy -Living a life of purpose, on purpose."
"Set goals that allow you to grow."
"Exercise - the greatest pill of all!"
"The only failure in life is the failure to try"
"Optimism - the oxygen for opportunity in life."
"Dare to put the "care" back into healthcare"
"We need a war on sugar!"
"Beauty is a beacon of light in the heart, not a fashion accessory on the face."
"Less pills, more skills!"
"If you wish for health, first understand illness."
"Goals generate growth"
"A life without gratitude has lost its sparkle."
"Kindness-give to live; live to give."