When nurtured can lead to inner peace, feelings of purpose & a sense of possibility. I compare spiritual health to soulful connectivity, as it is the conduit between our inner selves and our outer lives; and as such, when nurtured, can lead to inner peace, feelings of purpose, and a sense of possibility.

What is Spiritual Health?

Spiritual health is about having self-awareness of your own values, beliefs, morals, and faith. Through an understanding of these principals, one can live in harmony with their inner self, greatly reducing tension and creating conditions to become the optimum version of themselves. Indeed, just as spiritual health can reconcile us with ourselves, it can show us a path through the world at large, like a compass, providing resolute navigation throughout our lives. The purpose of life is a life of purpose!


Some Benefits of Spiritual Health

  • Fortifies your other pillars of health (Psychological, Emotional and Physical) through maintaining a holistic sense of purpose.
  • Creates a sense of balance and harmony through the reduction of inner tensions.
  • Cultivates a sense of gratitude and facilitates feelings such as awe, fulfilment and inspiration.
  • Promotes positive engagement and ongoing relationships with the self, with others, and with the environment.
  • Builds resilience, acceptance and improved coping skills for dealing with adversity.
  • Produces conditions for self-acceptance (accepting yourself for who you really are, including your shortcomings and imperfections) and self-direction.
  • Enhances your sense of purpose, of meaning, and of vitality.
  • Combats feelings of helplessness and aimlessness.
  • Stimulates feelings of inner peace, security and serenity.


Spiritual Health Self Evaluation

  • Do you make time for prayer, meditation, or reflection on the meaning of life events?
  • Do you find the time for / feel comfortable in silence?
  • Does forgiveness, both of yourself and of others, come easily to you?
  • Do you feel as though your life has a purpose?
  • Are you tolerant and considerate of the views of others, which may well be different from your own?
  • Are you compassionate?
  • Do your decisions reflect your core beliefs on how you should live your life?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of these questions, there may well be room to improve your spiritual health and reap some of the benefits listed above.


How to Strengthen and Maintain your Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health is a deeply individual experience, involving beliefs and values that are unique to the purpose and meaning in your life. What works for others may not benefit you in the slightest so be willing to experiment a little and see what methods are best suited to you. The following are examples of some things that can help to promote spiritual health:

  • Silent reflection.
  • Engaging with music, literature, and the arts.
  • Communing with nature. Find the time to take a walk in a natural environment.
  • Meditation.
  • Mantras.
  • Volunteering, contributing to your community.
  • Yoga.
  • Self-Care.
  • Reading and listening to inspirational books and podcasts.
  • Being more compassionate.
  • Building capacity for love, joy, altruism into your day-to-day experiences.
  • Living more joyfully.
  • Connecting with a power greater than yourself.
  • Prayer- alone or at religious services, living out a personal act of faith.
  • Being more forgiving and non-judgemental (of yourself and others).
  • Practicing self-acceptance.
  • Living with intent and purpose.
  • Becoming more reflective on the purpose and meaning of life.
  • Being more open to others and to new experiences.
  • Be receptive to pain and disappointment -understand that every experience is an opportunity to grow, to deepen your spirituality and enhance your coping skills.
  • Cultivating heartfelt compassion, healthy humility, authenticity, gratitude, empathy and simplicity.