“Dr Mark Rowe begins with a significant advantage: he is an experienced, practising medical doctor, he knows the science, he heals people. He takes all that experience, knowledge and credibility, then layers over an insightful world view and a compelling speaking style. He engages and he educates. He elicited rapt attention from our audience and set them thinking.” – Adrian D Bland ,Head of Commercial Real Estate, Shakespeare Martineau UK.


In May 2016 I took the decision to invite Dr.Rowe into our offices in Bluefin Payment Systems to do his one day masterclass in wellbeing with all our staff mainly due to local feedback about how good the class was.
I was met with a mixture of scepticism and disinterest from our mainly technical staff who thought this was going to be “new age / hippy / alternative / not for them type training”, our staff have multiple technical degrees and masters in Software Engineering and Mathematics and dismissed the idea immediately.
Dr Rowe was immediately written off before he began!
However within minutes of starting Dr.Rowe had them eating out of his hand. His facts based approach referencing science, journals and studies won them over immediately. His enthusiasm was literally contagious and the pace of the day was at full throttle.
Everything he said made sense and this was the first time all of us had someone linking our career success to our physical health, mental health and all the other aspects that make up a human being – family, home, work etc.
I can honestly say the day was brilliant, there was no down time, no time to get bored, no time to want to sneak a look at email.
Since the masterclass we have included a monthly slot at our regular staff meeting to ask “what have you done since the Dr.Rowe Masterclass”. The results are truly impressive, a mini list includes
Lost Weight / Made up with my sister / Got that mole looked at / Started putting work milestones and goals in my journal / Started meditating / read his book with my family.
As a company we have set up a lunch time walking club and we do 4 kms in 35 minutes at 1.30pm every day. We also eat dark chocolate as a treat and have made lots of small changes, we do ergonomic exercises as a group every day and we think differently. There is a great sense of energy in our offices which regularly gets commented on and I strongly believe it is due in large part to the seeds sown at the Dr.Rowe masterclass that we have cultivated since he was here. Our sick rate is virtually zero and our staff are definitely a closer team and a healthier team.
In a world full of people trying to sell you training and training tools it is imperative to use your money wisely and get a return on your investment. I can honestly say it was the best money we have spent on training since we incorporated the company and several staff including myself say it was the best training course they have ever been on.

Testimonial- Elaine Fennelly Managing Director of Bluefin Payment Systems Ireland Limited.

As Head of Consumer Engagement for Failte Ireland, the Irish Tourist Board, I work day-by-day to introduce our visitors to inspiring and energising experiences throughout the island of Ireland. As a manager, I’m keenly aware of how the spirit of our team affects the service we provide, so I look for inspiring and energising experiences for them, as well. Mark Rowe’s master class on wellbeing was such an experience: refreshing, thought provoking, and invigorating. Mark gave my team great insights into how best to embrace life while setting a standard for everyone to aspire to.

Mr. Gary Breen | Head of Consumer Engagement | Failte Ireland

As a founder, partner and currently the Global President of Healthcare and IT Distribution, I serve on several boards and participate in many conferences, including the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo, where I had the great fortune of meeting Dr. Mark Rowe. I have seen Dr. Rowe give keynote speeches as well as many panel discussions, after which I had asked him to speak to Humanscale for our internal staff, as well as our customers and resellers. Mark’s speeches have received overwhelming responses and we have asked him back several times. As one customer said, it was in his whole career, the best talk and lessons learned ever! I would encourage any organization, large and small, if given the opportunity to invite Dr. Rowe to speak for a truly generative inspiring event.

Heather Fennimore | Global President Humanscale

Dr. Rowe left our audience better than he found them! That may sound like a strange statement but it is the best way I can think to describe his impact. It is one thing to educate and inspire folks to do better in their profession. Dr. Rowe managed to make a room full of busy executives put their phones down, pay attention and walk away with a desire to be better in their lives.

Jenabeth Ferguson | Vice President, Symposium Director | Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo

SAP had Dr. Mark Rowe speak to their employees during the summer of 2015,
The feedback from the session was excellent, employees loved the approach of this session as it focused on happiness and wellbeing as opposed to the negative focus that some mental health awareness sessions can sometimes have. The session was engaging, interactive and informal and had a high impact on the participants. We really appreciated that Dr. Rowe spent some time at the end speaking with employees 1.1 to answer their questions personally. The feedback was so strong that we have invited Dr. Rowe to address the employees again as part of our 2016 Health at work program.

Deborah Walsh SAP HR business partner

We were looking for something that would connect with people who work in a very dynamic and demanding environment. His energetic and engaging nature made this important subject interesting in a personal way and when one reflects on what he is saying becomes very relevant. He creates an environment that allows people to get to another level and understanding of how to live a more fulfilling life

Tony Ruane | General Manager| Cartamundi Ireland