Dr. Mark Rowe with Deepak Chopra


Dr. Mark regularly holds seminars in the USA, Ireland and the rest of Europe. To find out more, please visit the events page (more…)

Dr. Mark Rowe - a Prescription for happiness


Dr. Mark has written two books, A Prescription for Happiness (2015) and The Men's Health Book (2009).

Dr. Rowe Podcasts


Download Three Free Podcast Meditations here 1.  A Meditation for Anxiety 2. A Meditation for Success 3. A Meditation for Monkey Mind

Dr Mark Rowe

On Line Learning

Dr. Mark is currently developing a range of tailored on line learning courses, stay tuned for updates.

“Dr Mark Rowe begins with a significant advantage: he is an experienced, practising medical doctor, he knows the science, he heals people. He takes all that experience, knowledge and credibility, then layers over an insightful world view and a compelling speaking style. He engages and he... Read more...
In May 2016 I took the decision to invite Dr.Rowe into our offices in Bluefin Payment Systems to do his one day masterclass in wellbeing with all our staff mainly due to local feedback about how good the class was. I was met with a mixture of scepticism and disinterest from our mainly technical... Read more...
As Head of Consumer Engagement for Failte Ireland, the Irish Tourist Board, I work day-by-day to introduce our visitors to inspiring and energising experiences throughout the island of Ireland. As a manager, I’m keenly aware of how the spirit of our team affects the service we provide, so I... Read more...
As a founder, partner and currently the Global President of Healthcare and IT Distribution, I serve on several boards and participate in many conferences, including the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo, where I had the great fortune of meeting Dr. Mark Rowe. I have seen Dr. Rowe give... Read more...
Dr. Rowe left our audience better than he found them! That may sound like a strange statement but it is the best way I can think to describe his impact. It is one thing to educate and inspire folks to do better in their profession. Dr. Rowe managed to make a room full of busy executives put their... Read more...
SAP had Dr. Mark Rowe speak to their employees during the summer of 2015, The feedback from the session was excellent, employees loved the approach of this session as it focused on happiness and wellbeing as opposed to the negative focus that some mental health awareness sessions can sometimes... Read more...
We were looking for something that would connect with people who work in a very dynamic and demanding environment. His energetic and engaging nature made this important subject interesting in a personal way and when one reflects on what he is saying becomes very relevant. He creates an environment... Read more...




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