Dr. Mark Rowe is a practising Family Doctor based in Waterford City. Mark graduated from U.C.D. Medical School in 1991 and went on to specialise in family practice and became a qualified member of the Irish College of General Practitioners in 1995 achieving the first place ‘Ellerd Eppel’ award.

His current research interest is in the area of ‘generative space’, which means that by providing inspiring surroundings in the primary healthcare setting you can enhance the esteem and feel good factor of both patients and staff with resultant long term health improvements. Dr. Rowe is a part of a worldwide research collaboration on ‘Generative space’ and is involved in ongoing research with the CARITAS project. The CARITAS Project is a non-profit organisation dedicated to pioneering the next generation of improvements in health and healthcare delivery through innovative design of the healthcare environment.He is a trainer with the South East G.P. Training Programme and Senior clinical lecturer with the University of Limerick Graduate Medical School.