Welcome to the first step in your transformational journey, where you will learn how to write your own prescription for Happiness and Wellbeing.

Follow the 4 transformational pillars of well-being, each designed to empower you to create the best version of YOU. Share your experience and ensure to let me know if I can further support you,

Enjoy your journey of transformation,
Dr Mark Rowe.

"Set goals that allow you to grow."
"If you wish for health, first understand illness."
"A life without gratitude has lost its sparkle."
"Optimism - the oxygen for opportunity in life."
"Less pills, more skills!"
"Dare to put the "care" back into healthcare"
"The only failure in life is the failure to try"
"We need a war on sugar!"
"Beauty is a beacon of light in the heart, not a fashion accessory on the face."
"Kindness-give to live; live to give."
"Legacy -Living a life of purpose, on purpose."
"Exercise - the greatest pill of all!"
"Goals generate growth"

The 4 pillars of Transformation



Capture a strong sense of contentment, satisfaction and overall life fulfilment.




Be brilliant at understanding your body needs and feeding it with the right nutrition, exercise and stimulation.




When nurtured can lead to inner peace, feelings of purpose & a sense of possibility.




We can train our brains to do just about anything. At a minimum to deal with the demands of modern day life.


Unlock new energy within you

The secret is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on creating the new’
Gift yourself enhanced emotional fulfilment and contentment, powerful psychological fitness, spiritual strength and physical vitality. And why not now? I suggest it’s never too late to become the person you were meant to be. Don’t postpone or procrastinate for even one more day. Start now being that person : that creative force of good, that friend, employer, mentor or parent. Every day brings a new dawn, every day the possibility of integrating the four pillars (emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical) of your health producing a new energy allowing you to think feel and act at your best – a wonderful Journey of Transformation.

Dr. Mark Rowe - a Prescription for happiness


Dr. Mark has written two books, A Prescription for Happiness (2015) and The Men's Health Book (2009).

Dr. Rowe Podcasts


Download Three Free Podcast Meditations here 1.  A Meditation for Anxiety 2. A Meditation for Success 3. A Meditation for Monkey Mind

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